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How we Converted a Closet into an Office!

We did it: we finally have a home office space! And yes, it’s in a closet. We affectionately dubbed it the “cloffice.”


I’ll be honest: I’m really proud of how this turned out. This little project has solved SO many problems for us! My quality of life and efficiency has gone up so much since we finally solved this years-long no-office dilemma!

Yes, it’s a bit claustrophobic I suppose, but it works beautifully for us. This was SO worth it, it was actually really easy to put together and it has such a massive impact on our quality of life and effective use of space! This home has quite a few closets, and we’ve always had an ugly office desk sitting in our living room the last several years. We couldn’t figure out a better way though since we’ve never had enough rooms for an office — our son’s room already doubles as a guest room! And then I had a stroke of genius while scrolling through Pinterest late one night while Andrew was out of town (ha). It only took some paint, a few shelves, and some stick-on battery-powered click lamps, plus a trip to IKEA and the hand-me-down-store-of-mom-and-dad for some organizational items. And voilà! 


I just LOVE how it turned out. It would be fun to do some removable wall paper or something to pretty it up, but already it is so convenient and neat. Everything is in one spot and we have so much more space in our living room to just breathe and enjoy family time. Work is contained to this tidy little space.


A few notes on what we did:

  • There were already brackets for four shelves, so we just re-purposed one of them for the desktop and added an extra one for the smaller shelf. I measured the width and had boards cut, then painted the shelf ones. Boom, done. (Of course I first had to empty the closet and repaint it too, since we’ve been repainting the whole house… but it was a quick enough fix.)
  • We took the door off. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it if you’re going to have a computer in there and other electronics, they need room to breathe. We could put a tension rod and curtain to close it off if we wanted, but this space is pretty well-organized so looking at when I’m coming down the hallway doesn’t really bug me. 
  • We picked up the filing slots and bar with cups for pens from IKEA, as well as the white and gray floral bins above. The click lights are a battery-powered Walmart find. The batteries don’t last terribly long though so don’t forget to turn them off when not in use!
  • I used this cord protector kit (which I’ve also used in our daughter’s room in the past — it’s awesome for baby-proofing wires) to route the cord up to the printer on the first shelf, and I drilled a hole through that shelf for it.
  • Right now the computer is plugged in to an outlet just on the other side of the wall but we’re getting an outlet put in directly there so we don’t have to worry about Jonas deciding to unplug our computer!


Someday if we have a dedicated guest room, I’d love to do this in a full-width double closet for a craft room/office type of space like this or this… once again, Pinterest sure has me dreaming!

Anyway, there you have it: our new closet office!

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Nursery Reveal — Roman du Renard Fox Theme

We are expecting baby #2 any day now, so I thought we’d allow a little nostalgia for my first’s nursery — because there wasn’t much nursery decorating this time around since they’ll be sharing a room! It is so much fun to prepare and anticipate a little one. Hope you enjoy!

There’s a whole not-at-all-funny story about how we were up at SIX AM the day of the newborn photo shoot to move the crib back in and how it didn’t fit… but we’ll just not revisit that. Anyway… come along with me!


Photos where you see me and/or Adelina (aka the good ones ha ha) are by Tracey Allred Photography from our newborn shoot, the rest are just pictures I took.

So the goal was a soft, somewhat neutral woodland theme based on a book my grandfather gave me as a child, with a feminine touch. But go figure, the colors I wanted aren’t super common in baby aisles; you’ll find a lot of pink, blue, yellow, jungle colors, and that’s about it. Although lucky for me, woodland themes are really popular right now so you can find a lot of owl stuff, etc. And it was so fun at the baby shower because everybody went nuts with the fox theme and there really were a lot of cute outfits with foxes on them!


And a stinkin’ cute foxy cake! (Check out Frost Me Cakes by Nikki if you’re in the Casper area, she’s amazing!)

A lot of what you see in the room is handmade/DIY — in fact the only thing that isn’t homemade in some way is probably the furniture! It was so much fun preparing all of it, and a great way to prepare for a little one’s arrival 🙂


The vinyl tree you see behind us was made and designed by my sister- and brother-in-law. Pretty talented! We’re still working on putting the other ones up because it’s struggling to adhere to the stupid wall texture (believe me, if I had had a choice to not have orange peel texture, I would have been all over it! But apparently “we don’t do that here”…) Anyway. Doing almost everything myself was also a great way to get a look I wanted for much cheaper. I was able to reuse/swap/get for free a lot of the materials.

The biggest expenses were the fabric (which was a gift from my in-laws) and furniture. The changing table was a gift from my sweet coworkers and the chair we already had as part of our living room set (gliders are EXPENSIVE!), so all that was left to buy was the crib, and I really think IKEA is such a great deal for this. (I found this review helpful, by the way)


That would be virtually the cheapest crib there is out there, and we really like it. (All the sources are at the end of the post)

Here’s the book that inspired it all, and the coordinating blanket I made a while ago — with a dang cute baby inside 🙂



For the quilt below I shamelessly copied one I really liked. It also just so happened to be the right color theme essentially, and I’m ok with that. Here’s the pattern I followed (sort of).



The decor was really fun to make. I couldn’t find just the right colors of yarn (and they photographed a little funny too) but I got as close as I could. The letters are simply cut out from cardboard, then I wrapped them with yarn using a hot glue gun — those curvy ones were pretty dang tricky! And then of course there’s my awesome DIY stag (plastic christmas ornament, wood plaque, hot glue & spray paint: boom!), and a wood slice that I think is pretty nifty.



It says “I am a child of God” in French. I found the wood slice at Hobby Lobby and burned the text in using one of those engraver tools (you can find them at craft stores, I borrowed someone’s). I wrote it in pencil first to make sure I had it where I wanted. Those tools are not easy to do curves with, by the way, but it turned out pretty cute 🙂

I also made the changing pad cover and curtains. We use those cloth diapers/burp cloths on top because “accidents” happen a lot… but it still ends up getting washed frequently! I should probably make a few more.

For the curtains I used that awesome pom pom trim at the bottom of each “stripe” of fabric. I wanted to just buy white curtains and sew strips on, but I couldn’t find some cheap enough, so I ended up buying a dirt-cheap white sheet at Walmart and using it for my fabric. Tadaa!


And then there are animal silhouettes cute glued onto canvasses (I imagine mod podge would work great for these, I’ve just never shelled out for it — although I hear you can make your own for pretty cheap). I copied this little applique fox from Pinterest.


I made this growth marker at a recent church activity (perfect timing!) and I love it. I need to properly attach it to the wall but in the meantime it’s not like she can stand up to it anyway! You can find tons of tutorials online for these, mine is whitewashed and then I stenciled on the numbers.


I kind of like the little imperfections, can’t wait to document a whole family’s growth on here! It’s pretty crazy to think about.



Mama and baby fox. I’ve been using the big one to document Adelina’s growth, it’s been pretty fun to see her from week to week!


2014-12-02 18.27.19

I stole that idea from my friend Iris, check it out!

There are still some things I’ll add with time — maybe a floating shelf, a few more wall hangings missing, plus a friend embroidered the most adorable little fox scene, but for now that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the tour, thanks for stopping by!


Crib: IKEA Gulliver crib
Changing Table: Walmart
Quilt, Changing Pad Cover, Crib Skirt, Curtains: handmade, using fabrics via Fabric.com (here and here are the two main ones I used)
Rug: IKEA Tejn Faux Sheepskin
Mama & Baby Fox: IKEA
Book: Le Roman de Renard