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Peekaboo with Jonas

Our Jonas has loved peekaboo for a good while — at first he would use a pair of pants (usually while I was changing him) and cover his face and remove it and it was the cutest thing ever. Now, he’s getting so good at using his hands, and it’s so sweet how he giggles with delight and anticipation when get a peek between those photos… he’s just the most delightful little boy ❤


And that toothy grin… it just melts me!

Cherish 365

One Month of Cherishing Moments

Well it’s been about a month of taking daily photos, and I’m really enjoying this project! It’s excellent photography practice and it’s also nice to capture moments that may fade in my memory someday.


It’s a little tricky to navigate the pull between wanting technical “perfection” in a photo and capturing a real moment. Children move a lot, light isn’t always ideal, and I’m not always quick enough to set things up right. But I’m learning.

A few things that help are leaving the camera out instead of packing it in the bag (although I make sure it’s relatively out of reach of little hands…) and just taking pictures any time I see something that might be picture-worthy. Some days have been relatively boring photos, others have yielded some shots I love. Another thing that I want to start doing is taking the camera with me when I leave the house. I rarely do that these days and always regret missing shots once I’m out. It’s a pain to leave the house with two kids, a diaper bag, AND a camera bag, so I need to figure out how to make it work, but I want to get shots outside as well.

Another challenge is getting myself in the photo. That means setting up a tripod and using a remote, and that’s quite the setup which tends to sort of ruin the candid aspect of the moment… but if I don’t do it, I’m pretty much never in photos, so I’m trying to make it happen every once in a while.


Outtake mid-setup…


Anyway, I’m glad to be doing this — it’s always nice to have an additional creative outlet, and I know someday I’ll look back on these and miss these tiny people! Here are a few favorites, and some bonus shots (because it’s so hard to pick only one favorite every day!)


Cherish 365

Cherish 365

A blogger I follow (who graduated from my college program by the way, although we just missed each other!) does this thing called #cherish365 — taking a photo a day as a reminder to cherish the little things. I always loved the idea but it hit me when I saw one of her posts recently that I would love to do it as well! One of my goals right now is to improve my photography skills anyway, so this is an excellent way to force myself to pull out the big girl camera and just get creative daily. I’m a little late to start but it’s never too late (one of my mottos these days ha ha), so I’m in! I’m posting them on my personal Facebook page, but I might share some here and there as well.

Adelina legos 1-11.JPG

Today’s {11/365} was just Adelina playing legos. It makes me so happy to watch her play independently and see what she comes up with. We’ve been in the middle of a massive blizzard for days now, so we haven’t left the house (or PJs… let’s be real ha ha) since church on Sunday! And with me caring for the baby so much of the day she really does have to fend for herself a lot, but I’m impressed at how much she’s up to the task. I’m so grateful for my (mostly!) sweet girl.

This is what our blizzard looks like by the way… the bottom two where you can actually see the sun are pre-blizzard… fun fun!